Stancija Collis

This story started in 1988. To relax from a stressful job, father Mirko used to spend his weekends on a peaceful hill covered with trees, immersed into the bosom of Mother Nature and enriched by its gifts, such as: birdsong, gentle touches of fresh air, the first morning dew and the last rays of sunlight.
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Guided tasting of 4 wines and olive oil

Price per person 75 kn (10€)

Food tasting

Guided tasting of 4 wines and olive oil with finger food( homemade cheese, salami, olives,brad)

Price per person 120 kn (16€)

Delux tasting

Complete tour of the estate and winery with tasting of 5 wines,olive oil,donkey milk and finger food

Price per person 160 kn (22€)


Wine tours

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