About us

Our story began in 1988. On a peaceful hill enveloped in Mother Nature, a family made their home surrounded by grape vines and olives.

Stancija Collis

In order to relax from a stressful job, father Mirko went on weekends to a hill covered in woods and bathed in peace, birdsong, gentle touches of fresh air, first morning dew and warm rays of sunshine – life. This hill is our home. Wanting to be part of this magic, Mirko and his wife Carmen spent every free moment they had on creating a warm family home on this peaceful hill bathed in sunshine. If you wish to travel to Rovinj or one of Rovinj islands, you just need to climb to the top of Collis hill, where you will have so clear a view of the town of Rovinj and its islands that you will have the impression of holding them on the palm of your hand. If, on the other hand, you wish to visit the pearl of Istria – Brijuni – just turn around, they are behind your back. Can you feel the magic?

Stancija Collis

At the centre, the very heart of the hill, a family home surrounded by grape vines and olives was created thanks to hard work, dedication, self-sacrifice, unity and, above all, love. They never dreamed this sight would seduce son Juraj 20 years later. A love was born towards the beauties of nature, olives and, most of all, grape vine and wine, which was turned into a profession. Through their own effort, the family turned the garage into a winery, amateur equipment was replaced with professional one and what used to be a small family basement was turned into a space for barriques. Once again, hard work, dedication, self-sacrifice, unity and, above all, love have borne fruit.

Stancija Collis

Besides the winery, grape vines and olives, special attention and love is given to animals at Stancija Collis. Animals that have made their home there include: autochthonous Istrian boskarin cattle, cows, calves and Istrian donkeys. Chickens live in symbiosis with them, cleaning them from parasites by picking them up meticulously from their robust backs during summer months. We should not forget the three-member family of dachshunds, which opens and closes every story at Stancija Collis by welcoming and seeing you off from this family and love story, a story about love towards nature, its gifts and tradition.

At the property, you can enjoy walks by vineyards and olive groves, relax with an extensive view, enjoy Collis wine in the deep shade of old oak trees or spend a romantic sunset with your dearest. If, on the other hand, you are a competitive sport person, the football/handball/tennis court is waiting just for you. Give your youngest an unforgettable day meeting and spending time with animals, which are just waiting to be petted and fed.


Juraj Mastilović

Oenology engineer (Professional Study of Enology, Porec)
Director at Stancija Collis

In 2011, when I was 18 years old, I enrolled in the study of oenology at the Agricultural Department in Porec of the Polytechnic of Rijeka. I successfully completed my studies in 2015 and was awarded confirmation for my hard work and effort – the title of oenology engineer. During my studies, I actively acquired knowledge and experience from renowned Istrian, regional as well as global winemakers. In 2015, I therefore completed as many as three harvests. I started the winemaking year with a harvest on New Zealand in March, where I spent three months of professional training at Indevin winery. Upon returning to Croatia, I participated in the harvest at Matosevic winery, like I did the year before. Finally, the icing on the cake was my own harvest at Collis winery – my first professional harvest and fully independent production. In addition, I gained experience at the renowned Zvonko Bogdan winery, participating in two harvests. I am focused on the study and practice of organic and biodynamic production, which I consider the basis of quality.

I love… I love sport and company. I enjoy studying ancient knowledge and tradition. I love gastronomy. I love spending time with my family.

“Never give up.”

Sanja Matijaš

Master of Psychology
NLP Master

Working with people on realising their potential, working on their self-actualization and realisation of their purpose is my passion. After completing the study of psychology, I continued my studies in that direction and successfully completed the Master programme of Neuro-linguistic programming. I see the opportunity for application of psychological and spiritual knowledge in different economic sectors, including wine tourism. As a regular practitioner of mindfulness, I can recognise potential for merging my personal passion and way of life – mindfulness – with that of my husband – wine and biodynamics – and I nowadays successfully lead winefulness tastings. I regard work on personal and professional development as a responsibility towards our guests and everybody I come into contact with through my activity. I am continuously improving.

I love… I love cakes (eating and baking), the sea, sport, travel, Spanish. I love mornings, breakfast and sun. I love reading, I love peace. I love to laugh, socialise and play. I love to love.

“Get lost in what you love.”

Vita Mastilović

Professional baby boss

Vita is our daughter. She’s the greatest motivation to be persistent and seek quality in our work and life. Our wine Vita is named by her and the little hand on the label is her hand – reminding us always of the values we live and want to share with our guests.