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Stancija Collis

This story started in 1988. To relax from a stressful job, father Mirko used to spend his weekends on a peaceful hill covered with trees, immersed into the bosom of Mother Nature and enriched by its gifts, such as: birdsong, gentle touches of fresh air, the first morning dew and the last rays of sunlight.
This hill is their home. Mirko and his wife Carmen wanted to be a part of this magic so they devoted every moment of their spare time into raising a warm, family home on this peaceful and sunny hill. If you wish to visit Rovinj or some of the Rovinj islands, it is enough simply to climb up the Collis hill where you can enjoy the clearest sea view which gives you an impression that you can hold the islands and the city in your hand. And if you maybe want to visit the Brijuni islands, a true pearl of Istria, just look behind your back. Can you feel the magic?
In the heart of the hill, hard work, sacrifice, unity and above all love, built their family home surrounded with grapevine and olives. They couldn’t even imagine that this sight will seduce their son Juraj 20 years later. He fell in love with natural beauties, grapevine and wine.

The father started the wine making and production of olive oil in 19**, just for their own pleasure. Young Juraj followed his father’s steps up until 2015, when love and passion for the grapevine and wine united in a professional winemaker call. In 2011, eighteen years old Juraj enrolled in Agricultural Department, Professional Study of Winemaking where he graduated in 2015 and became Professional Bachelor of Winemaking Engineering. Even during his studies, Juraj was actively acquiring knowledge and gaining experience with the respected Istrian, regional and international winemakers.

He did even three harvests in 2015. and started the wine year in March in New Zeland. Juraj spent three months there, during which he was professionally improving his skills in Indevin Winery. After returning to Croatia, he participated in harvest of winery Matosević. Finally, he starts his own grape picking, the first professional winery Collis harvest, as well as the entire independent production. Besides, he gains experience in the recognized winery Zvonko Bogdan during two harvests.
In our family country estate you can enjoy long walks through vineyards and olive groves, relax with an expansive view, savor in the Collins wines, donkey milk or olive oil while you are sitting in a deep shade of old oaks. This is the perfect place if you want to spend the evening by taking a romantic sunset walk with your partner. If you are into sports and you have a competitive spirit, our sport facilities such as football pitch, handball, tennis and volleyball courts are just waiting for you. Delight your children with an unforgettable day where they can meet our animals and spend time with them. The animals will enjoy cuddling and sweet treats from your hands.
We will expect you with joy and we are looking forward to our meeting!

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