Extra virgin


Extra virgin olive oil is made simply by crushing olives and extracting the juice. It is the only cooking oil that is made without the use of chemicals and industrial refining.

It’s simply the juice of fresh, healthy olives which contains, more than any other sort, the health-promoting nutrients that olive oil is famous for. Extra virgin oil is the highest quality and the most expensive olive oil. It should have no defects and a flavor of fresh olives. It must be produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents, and under temperatures that will not degrade the oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is produced from different varieties of olives that give it its top quality. The location of the country estate Collis, where the olive trees are located, provides ideal conditions for growing different varieties of olives, such as Busa, Pendolino, Leccino, Rosignola and Istrian Bjelica from which this oil is produced. Its intense smell is distinguished by rich, grassy aromas and hints of rosemary, chicory and almonds. Moderate bitterness and pungency are extensive and favorably expressed. It perfectly complements the fish dishes, vegetable salads, cheeses as well as white and red meat. Gourmets can serve this oil with dessert: vanilla ice cream or chocolate brownies.
EThe oil comes from the first pressing of the olives. It has a low acid content and a delicate flavor. Industry standards stipulate that extra-virgin olive oil must be free of acidity (expressed as oleic acid of not more than 1 gram per 100 grams, or 1%). But in addition to this quantitative analysis, extra-virgin olive oil is also put through a more subjective test by a panel of experts who taste and smell the olive oil and then rate it on a 9-point scale: The oil must score 6.5 or higher to receive the “extra-virgin” designation.

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