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  • Collis Istrian Malvasia

    Vintage: 2020.

    100% Istrian Malvasia with first autochthonous yeast of Istrian Malvasia.


    Aromas of yellow fruits, such as ripe apples, are dominating and intertwining with elderberry and yellow flowers. With a mild flavour of apricot, the finale is marked by interplay of almonds, citrus and minerals.

    Harmonious, balanced wine with pleasant acids. Perfect for pairing with seafood in summer months.

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  • Collis Rose

    Vintage: 2019.

    100% teran. Cheerful wine of deep pink hue that improves mood.


    Fruity scent of strawberry, currant and cherry with final notes of rose petals.

    Wine of clear, direct expression that pairs well with raw tuna as well as with grilled tuna steak. It also pairs well with meat slices, primarily with cooked ham. Different fish canapés with fruit will also pair well with this rosé.

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  • Collis Trinitas

    Vintage: 2018.

    Blend of teran, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Macerated for 40 days then aged in barrique barrels for 15 months and in the bottle for at least 3 months.


    Wine of garnet red hue, structural and rich, extract.

    Aromas of forest fruits, ripe sour cherry and dark chocolate dominate.

    Pleasant and soft, wine of persistent flavour that will pair well with game dishes and grilled or oven-cooked red meat as well as semi-soft cheeses.

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  • Collis Vita

    Vintage: 2018.

    100% Istrian Malvasia. Macerated for 20 days then aged in acacia and oak for 18 months.


    Full, rich wine of golden-yellow hue with aromas of ripe fruit and honey notes.

    Richness of scent of ripe apples, quince, sweet pear, coriander, dried apricot and fresh ripe fig. Ripe apricot spreads on the palate, with presence of herbal notes and a finale marked by almond and white pepper.

    Vita pairs excellently with seafood as well as with meat delicacies like poultry ragout or pork carré. It also pairs wonderfully with semi-soft cheeses.

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  • Monteran

    Vintage: 2018.
    100% teran. 15 days of maceration followed by ageing in barrique barrels for 12 months and 3 months in the bottle. Wine of airy ruby red hue with a purple edge.


    The scent is characterised by intense aromas characteristic of teran. Fragrant notes of forest fruits, cherries, ripe plums and blackberries intertwine with floral notes of geranium and violet. Aromas of sweet wood and vanilla are present, with notes of black coffee, cinnamon and orange rind coming through towards the end.

    Harmony of scent and flavour gives this wine an exceptional fullness of forest fruit flavour.

    Despite aromas typical of teran, this teran is atypical for its variety. It is characterised by freshness and drinkability, which makes it a pleasant summer wine that pairs nicely with pelagic fish and meat specialties like lamb and veal steaks, liver, pork loin or young semi-soft cheese.

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