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Cultivated Collis vineyards are located in the western highlands of Istria, close to Rovinj. An extremely favorable location for growing grapevine, a unique climate, quality grape varieties, and long family tradition of wine-making created perfect conditions for producing high-quality wines. You can taste Istrian Malvažija and Trinitas by visiting our country estate Collis, right next to the winery.
quality dry wine

Collis Istrian Malvažija

Istrian Malvažija will certainly provide refreshment during hot summer days. A 100% original malvasia is combined with the indigenous yeast to produce high-quality white wine. You will notice a harmonic and balanced taste with each sip you take, as well as spectacular fruit aromas such as apple, pear and elderberry. Mild acids and a pleasant taste are what make it a perfect summer wine which goes amazingly well with fish and seafood.
quality dry wine

Collis Teran Barik

Teran wine made in Collis winery is produced from grapes harvested from the vineyards in western Istria, right next to Rovinj. It has ruby red color with purple reflections and intense aromas typical for teran with notes of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and wild strawberries. Despite typical teran aromas, this particular Teran is distinguished by freshness and drinkability which also makes it a pleasant summer wine.
quality dry wine

Collis Trinitas

Grapes for this spectacular wine come from the finest vineyards of Collis estate. Located in the vicinity of the Adriatic Sea and 100 meters above sea level, these vineyards are covered with the best varieties of Merlot, Teran and Cabernet Sauvignon, varieties used to make perfect Trinitas wine.What makes this Trinitas so special is the aging process in which the wine is stored in barrique barrels for 12 months. Dominating flavors are those of berries, sweet and sour cherry, and vanilla with a long-lasting, rich and overall pleasant taste. Teran and its mild tannins make this wine unusual, yet elegant.

Collis Rose

A cheerful wine of deep pink color that improves the mood on hot and cold days, a cheerful fruity scent of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with a little mango and beautiful citrus that round off the typical freshness that only Teran gives in the taste of wild strawberries.
quality dry wine

Collis Vita

Top quality wine produced from the Malvasia Istrian variety. It was aged for 18 months in lightly lit acacia and oak barrels and macerated for 8 days, which gives the wine a wonderful fullness and aromas of honey, acacia, nuts and citrus. It goes well with various cheeses, white meat and fish.

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